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At Coastal Branding our partners have been running marketing agencies across several states in the US and are now expanding even further. Collectively, the experience and know-how built by several diverse careers, has led to several well accomplished offices dedicated to mastering the practices in Field Marketing, Direct Sales and Customer Service.


Adam McSweeney

Operations Manager

"Coastal is built on positive people with positive results who are willing to maintain the ALL-IN mentality of our business!"

Atong Reyak

Head of Event Marketing

Event Promotions - After spending time in the office planning and preparing, our team will take marketing to the public. This allows our client's brand to directly interact with potential customers and provide them will full descriptions and presentations of their products and services.  We aid in the full organization and operation of each major event to ensure the greatest result.

Hosting these events with our personnel allows our team to showcase their talents. We thoroughly enjoy creating personal relationships with consumers and connecting them to major brands and companies.

Cami Coppage

Scott Collington

HR Manager

B2B marketing success doesn’t come from broadcasting a product over radio or television. B2B marketing success comes from embedding your company in the industry, making your product seem like a staple and finally getting it in front the relevant buyers.

Our understanding of B2B development includes the following:

•How to build powerful B2B brands

•How to differentiate from competitors

•How to develop B2B Pricing contracts and methods

•How to design, compensate and motivate the sales force

Director of Customer Service

Outsourced Sales - With the rise of technologies, among numerous fields, customers are demanding a better experience with large organizations. This past trend has made customer service a battlefield. Large companies are now trending more and more toward DTC models, (Direct to Consumer).

​Our team specializes in finding the best way to meet with potential customers, face to face, and help them with their new transitions and agreements with a company's product or service. We want to make the experience a positive and long lasting relationship by always placing the customer and their needs first.


Work Meeting

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